Monday, January 14, 2013

Sharing Is Caring!

Long time no talk! Wow.... Didn't expect that... It was just November, and now it's um, a WEEK into January?!? Goodness gracious. I came to Madagascar eagerly expecting to pass on the experience through E-Mail, Skype, Facebook, and especially through Blogging. And now it is January and I have not sent out a blog post since November.
 I have been thinking about this quite a lot recently, along with the stoppage of journal writing that I was doing nightly.. I have not come to an ultimate reason and perhaps there need not be one, but I have come to a few conclusions, and likewise a few responses to this conundrum.
I think the most obvious reason for the shortage of communication is the genuine settling in that has occurred. I go to work and come home. I talk to my friends, and make plans. I am a regular at shops and when the owners see me coming they already have a Coca Cola, Eggs, Rice, or Mofogasy prepared along with a conversation, usually picking back up where we left off at last time I visited. It feels good to have this level of normalcy in my time here now, and many of the things that at the start of the journey were new, fresh, and exciting... Still are! However, it is life. I live here,and the things I see are now seen with less fresh eyes. For example, a sheep strapped to the back of a bike with three people riding it, is not as foreign to me as it was week one! I have been making an attempt recently, to reopen my eyes to the new and bold, and small idiosyncrasies that make this country so unique.
Second, I have been really busy. Between the last post and now, I have been on a retreat, visited the north of the island, visited the south of the island, and been working a solid work week. I teach two classes, have a nightly English club, Church choir, farming, Church, another school, and a family I enjoy interacting with. That's really just the start! (So share it!!!) I have found it difficult to find time to sit down and gather my thoughts, and most Internet time I have chose to spend in E-Mail communication, and periodic ESPN checks, (By the way, WHATS THE DEAL BRONCOS! NOT COOL!) And as for the journal, by the time the end of the day comes, I many times would rather read, listen to music, or sleep, than continue the mental work.
And third, I have admittedly been lazy. I have had many, many ideas of things I would enjoy blogging about, and have come close many times. However I sometimes think it would be better written later on in the year, with more experience, or I just don't take the time to sit down and organize my thoughts into writing. Other times I don't want to. And still others times the available opportunity for me to write, and the available, albeit random hours of Cyber Cafes and electricity, don't match up.
Well now that I know those reasons, I have decided for New Years, that I will get AT LEAST two blogs out a month! Here's why!
Although things are more common place for me now here, lets be honest; they are still very very new, and exciting in so many was! I'm in no way used to many of the everyday activities and sights I see. (such as eating the mouth of a cow, or teaching 55 kids English!) . The blogging, and the communication of the experience is a great way for me to process my thoughts and emotions while navigating through the everyday, and the amazing. I find putting many of these experiences into words helps me to break down a bunch of the complex and often confusing situations encountered. Heck its also really cool to share joys and revelations and growth experienced! If for nothing else than that, I shall keep up the blog. But there is more.
I want to share with everyone at home who chooses to read my blog. What a fantastic way to give a glimpse into a life on the opposite end of the world, and keep those interested connected, although other forms of contact may be difficult. For me it makes the distance much shorter, and hopefully for readers it will provide at least some connection to the life I'm living here and a good starting point for conversation upon return! I want to have that communication. I want people to know what I'm doing and thinking here. I want at least a little bit of that connection to my home. So lazy shamazy. I'm going to blog.
Journaling? I think part of the problem with that was feeling I had to make it a detailed account of the everyday going ons here. That's simply to much work. So I have decided to always keep it open, and around. Jot down a thought here, a poem there. A special event or a difficult exchange. It can be just as helpful for the processing, if not more than the blog, as well as potentially giving ideas for blogging!
So there it is. Communicate, relate, go around, and share the sound!
Till next time (Not too long!)
Sharing Communion and stories of the beach with the other YAGMs!

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  1. Hey Lee! Dean Clark. Glad things are going well! Thanks for letting the rest of us live vicariously through you.